Two electric cooperatives serve the power demand of the province. SURSECO I cover the municipalities from Lingig to San Agustin and SURSECO II providing electricity from Carrascal to Marihatag. SURSECO I has energized 100 percent of the barangays within its coverage area. It sourced out its power from the National Power Corporation's (NPC) 69 KV main transmission lines and is made stable by 2 sub-stations in Bislig and another one in Barobo, each with a capacity of 5 MVA, giving a total power capacity of 15 MVA. SURSECO II, on the other hand, is also supplied by NPC through a 69 KV transmission line running from Bad-as, Surigao del Norte to its sub-station in Madrid with a capacity of 3.75 MVA. While the 10 MVA sub-station in Balilahan, Tandag and 5 MVA sub-station in Cagwait, with a total capacity of 15 MVA are supplied by NPC through its transmission line running from Bislig.

SURSECO II has energized 97% of its coverage area and 3 barangays of San Miguel, 2 barangays of Lanuza and 1 barangay each of Cantilan and Carrascal are still un-energized. However, there are considerable areas under the coverage of SURSECO II having an independent source of electric power through solar system and micro-hydro power system. This particular area was given special preferential attention by some national agencies due to its strategic location especially the far-flung and isolated barangays in the province, like Brgy. Mampi and Pakwan of Lanuza, Brgy. Calatngan, Bagyang and Bitaugan of San Miguel, Brgy. Pantukan of Carrascal and Brgy. Lubo of Cantilan. The major concern now of these electric cooperatives are line rehabilitation and maintenance.