Surigao Del Sur is very rich in mining and quarrying resources. Anywhere in the province there are probable if not already proven deposits of metallic and non-metallic minerals. In addition, quarry resources also bound in riverbeds and in mountains in the form of loose rocks and limestone deposits. Of all the mineral resources, majority of being extracted and utilized are quarry materials. In the southern portion of the province, most particularly in the areas covered by the PICOP Resources Inc., loose rocks and limestone's are being extracted for paving the logging roads of the company. In the municipalities, sand and gravel are being extracted for construction of residential houses and other kind of Infrastructure. In the central portion, loose rocks are being used by ARTIMCO and SUDECOR in paving their logging roads. In the municipalities, sand and gravel are also used for construction purposes.

There is no specific program or project yet for the mining sector, since there is no approved Small Scale Mining Permit (SSMP) application due to lack of Environmental Compliance Certificates (ECC). However, if these submitted applications for permit be approved, one of the major intents of the provincial government is to develop these potential mining areas and other quarry resources in order to perk-up the economy and create job opportunities for the small scale miners which would eventually increase government revenue through collection of fees on these mineral resources. These identified mining areas and being applied for permit will not affect other potential areas like tourism because preventive measures on mining activities will be introduced.

At the moment, the Provincial Mining Regulatory Board is inactive but there is a move to reactivate in order to effectively attend to the devolved functions entrusted to the Board, such as:

- Accept and verify all applications for registration on small mining and other quarry resources for permit.

- Declare and segregate existing gold rush area for small scale mining, giving priorities to area already occupied and actively mined by small scale miners contract.

- Initiate and organize small scale miners into cooperative to qualify for application on people's Small Scale Mining Contract.

- Process all applications for permit and favorably endorse to the Provincial Governor for approval after the documents are accomplished. Noted among the mineral deposits are gold, silver, iron, chromite and allied minerals. There are also proven deposits of coal and manganese. It is even suspected that platinum and allied minerals are also present.