Surigao del Sur

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Surigao Del Sur is home to a myriad of staggeringly beautiful tourist attractions that are ready to spoil the beach bums and nature lovers. The mighty splashes of water, swaying of the trees and vast green fields clearly manifest the beauty and bounty of the province. It boasts of a rich and complex culture represented by its people, indigenous cuisines and beautiful places that look straight out of a wonderland. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the metro and plunge into the depths of pure bliss as you visit our breathtaking groups of islands and islets! If you are looking for a perfect, relaxing and rejuvenating get, away, come and explore the depths of the enchanting, crystal clear waters environed by lush green vegetation and fascinating schools of fishes in the South. They say pain demands to be felt, but the pain that you feel when you get a water massage right under our majestic waterfalls is oxymoronically soothing and relaxing, not to mention the sublime view of its cascading water curtains! If you want to look for an escape and run away from everything that stresses you out, you can pay a visit to our world-class surf spots, organic farms, ancient caves and other emerging tourist destinations. And, never forget to gorge yourself on our mouth-watering native delicacies and other aquamarine produce while you are at any of these beautiful places. Indeed, SurSur never falls short of its magnificent tourist attractions. It really is a Sur thing here in Surigao Del Sur.

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Fullname: Alexander T. Pimentel
Nickname: Ayek
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