Well-planned, healthy, happy, prosperous & empowered Filipino families, responsible & gender-sensitive individuals, empowered communities, guided by the Divine Providence living harmoniously and equitably in a sustainable environment.


  • Help couples/parents exercise responsible parenting to contribute to the reduction of infant, child & maternal mortality'
  • Help adolescents & youth exercise responsible sexuality responsible sexuality to reduce incidence of teenage pregnancies, early marriages, sexually transmitted Infection & other psycho-social concerns,
  • Contribute to policies that will assist government to achieve a favorable balance between population growth & distribution, economic activities & the environment.


Improve and promote the total well-being of every individual Surigaonon for a strong & well-founded, gender-sensitive Surigaonon families.


Conduct Information, Education, Communication & Counseling services/activities on the major program areas: Adolescent Hearth Development, Responsible Parenthood/Reproductive Health & Family Planning & Population Development Integration.

  • In coordination with the health personnel, conduct demand generation activities on RP/Family Planning for referral of family planning services to health facilities.
  • Implement provisions of Reproductive Health Law on issues on Responsible Parenthood & Family Planning.
  • Undertake Parent Education Program on Adolescent Responsible Sexuality,
  • Provide age-appropriate values-laden & rights based(riht to protection, information, education & participation) information, education & counseling services (at home, in school, out of school, workplaces & other settings)
  • Conduct trainings for youth on life skills & fertility awareness,
  • Develop, capacitate adolescents as the future leaders and responsible future parents of communities,
  • Spearhead the conduct of Pre-Marriage Counseling (PMC) as pre-requisite to issuance of marriage license of applicants for marriage,
  • Conduct symposia on RP to parents of both OSYs & ISYs,